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Multi-Phase BedShield Pack $358.00

Specifications: Measures 4 ½ by 3 ½ inches plus 30 foot cord (to encircle twin size bed), 33 foot cord (to encircle full or queen size bed), or 40 feet of cord (to encircle a king size bed). The Multi-Phase BedShield is manufactured for 110 voltage. For 220 voltage outside the USA/Canada/Mexico a low wattage voltage adapter and plug adapter are necessary (not included). (Please note: The Multi-Phase BedShield requires a voltage adapter outside the US, however the worldwide version of the Scalar Home Protection System should not be operated with a voltage adapter.)

Since the era of FM/AM radio and TV we have been exposed to a low intensity cloud of microwave radiation. Now with the widespread use of cell phones, wireless routers and wireless antennas everywhere this invisible microwave cloud has become increasingly more dangerous. The human nervous system interprets manmade radiation as a threat and accordingly generates a stress or readiness reaction. The subliminal effects of manmade microwave radiation (both within your home such as from cell phones and wireless routers and outside the home such as from cell towers) constitutes a little known cause of restless and broken sleep.

This cloud of microwave radiation requires additional protection while sleeping. The human nervous system is designed to heal itself during sleep. The Multi-Phase BedShield was developed to provide additional protection against manmade radiation when used in conjunction with the Scalar Home Protection System (or Scalar Resonator). The Shield is designed as a 4th step to the Scalar Home Protection System. It should be installed only after a person has completed the first 3 steps.

Resonant Transformer Technology™: The Shield combines direct and oscillating current into a resonant transformer to provide increased levels of EMF protection. The electrical law of resonant transformer states that if one transformer coil is tuned to another coil, then the voltage and the intensity of current will change or be transformed. The most common example of resonant transformers can be found in the cylinder that hangs from the electrical pole in front of or near your house. The voltage coming into the transformer is typically around 13,000 volts. Your household voltage is 120 or 240. By running the higher voltage through a series of coils and then using another set of coils tuned to the first the voltage drops to a more usable form. In the case of the Multi-Phase Shield this principle is being used to change the voltage to a form less hazardous to your nervous system and the nervous system of your children.

The Shield is easy to install. Plug your Shield into an outlet close to your bed and wrap the cord around the perimeter of your bed. It may be placed on the floor around the legs of the bed, around the outside of the mattress or box spring, or along the bed frame next to the mattress. Many customers have incorporated the Multi-Phase BedShield in all their living and work areas of the home: watching TV, working on computers or while meditating or doing yoga.

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