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Family Pack $492.00

Combines the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System with the personal EarthCalm Scalar Resonator. This combination provides EMF protection for everyone in the home as well as EMF protection for one individual while away from home. Personal protection is particularly important while at work, in a computerized office or when driving by cell phone towers or high tension lines on a crowded freeway. The pack is designed for the majority of people. It takes the brunt of hazardous effects of EMFs off the nervous system, thus providing a lifetime of health and protection.

The Family Pack over time will result in a noticeable increase in overall health as well as alleviation of chronic symptoms such as headaches, asthma, hyperactivity, mood swings, etc. For individuals with chronic health problems, they may at some time in the future consider the BedShield as an assessory.

Please see the more details sections for the Scalar Resonator and the Scalar Home Protection System.

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