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EarthCalm Galaxy Gem $149.00

Specifications: The EarthCalm Galaxy Gem comes in either rose quartz or black onyx setting. (The rose quartz photograph will be available soon.) The sterling silver setting contains a sealed lithium battery and our Diamond Element. The lithium battery is used to generate a protective field; it uses no current. Therefore the battery will last indefinitely. When purchased at a later date as an upgrade for your Scalar Resonator, the Galaxy Gem can be easily attached to your Resonator with an included silver jump ring. (To order the Scalar Resonator with Galaxy Gem attached, click on the version - either pendant or ankle bracelet, and the product will be shipped in this manner.)

The Galaxy Gem creates an upgrade to our Scalar Resonator, designed for people who want maximum EMF/microwave protection when they are at the office, traveling, or out of doors.

The properties of the pyramid create energy integration and the balance of polarities. Most people report stimulation of the temporal lobes and a deep sense of peace when wearing the Galaxy Gem.

If you are electrically sensitive or have been chronically ill, you should consider installing the EarthCalm Home Protection System first to gradually introduce you to the power of our technology. (See Technology/Q&A - How it Works.)

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