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EarthCalm Atlas Band $129.00


The EarthCalm Atlas Band comes in two versions: a Hat Band or a Wrist/Ankle Band. The Hat Band is inserted into an adjustable one-size-fits-all baseball style cap sized for adults. It can be ordered in black or khaki. The color of the band will be the same as the color of the hat when ordering (not as shown in the picture for illustration purposes). Choose a black hat with a black band, or a khaki hat with a khaki band. The Hat Band is removable and can be inserted into any style hat or you can wear it around your neck.

The Wrist/Ankle Band is the same as the Hat Band, designed to be wrapped around your wrist or ankle. It is a 1-1/2" wide black cotton band with a Velcro strip closure, adjustable up to 14" to create a perfect fit.

Both styles of this product contain a lithium battery that will last indefinitely, because it is not being used to power a device, but only to create a protective voltage field.

The primary purpose of the Atlas Band is to provide extra protection from microwave radiation for sensitive individuals, in addition to that provided by the Scalar Resonator and Scalar Home Protection System, (your first line of defense in EMF protection). Many people notice the feeling of enhanced well being as soon as they put it on.

The EarthCalm Atlas Band incorporates some of the components of the Multi-Phase Shield and uses the same principle of resonant transformation to provide a protective vortex around you (see Multi-Phase Shield description). Many people who are electrically sensitive find a deeper level of protection available when wearing the Atlas Band whenever they are away from their home. However, if you are sleeping within the Multi-Phase Shield you should remove the Atlas Band. If you do not have a Multi-Phase Shield the Atlas Band can be worn while sleeping as well.

All EarthCalm products are designed to be compatible. The highest level of protection consists of our Scalar Resonance Technology products used simultaneously with the Atlas Band or Multi-Phase Shield.

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